The supplier eToro

The supplier eToro is by far one of the most popular Forex Broker in Germany. On one hand, the aggressive and quite controversial marketing is responsible, on the other hand, the fact that the broker offers its services since 2007 and the platform in more than 20 languages are offered. Following the information provided by the broker, more than 2 million people use the Check out this etoro Review services of the broker. But it is with the broker only to a known or recommended vendors? eToro experience to the most different platform can be found, showing that the traders who use the services of the broker, are satisfied.


The broker is reported since 2007; the seat is located in Cyprus. Since Cyprus is a member of the European Union, which takes control over the CySEC , which must adhere to the guidelines of the EU. It does not matter if the broker is located in Cyprus, Germany and the UK; the guidelines, since it is an EU regulation is the same. But traders not only enjoy a high degree of safety because the CySEC checks all transactions, but also because the broker onlinebetrug offers a great review of plus500 deposit insurance guaranteed up to 20,000 euros.

Commercial offer and conditions

etoro-2The selection of the broker includes over 200 underlyings that are found in a variety of categories. The trader for Binary Options interested but he is at the wrong address. 2016 followed the last extension of the offer; more than 100 new underlying assets were taken. Among them are Italian and Spanish equities, international ETFs and two indices, namely ITA40 and JPN225. At eToro, there are 31 foreign exchange, indices 12, 30 ETFs, commodities and 5 100 shares. The broker is also planning a further increase in ETFs. Of course, not only must trade offer convincing; the conditions play an important role. Here, too, convinced the broker as a commission-free trading and low spreads Read in-depth Ethereum Code review before start trading are de rigueur of the provider.Keeps the trader the position after the close of trading, the broker charges a “overnight fee” . The lever is quite high; sometimes this can to 1: 400th Of course, attractive profits are possible, with high leverage and an automatically higher risk mean. The minimum deposit is 200 euros. The minimum trading amount is 25 euros.

eToro Demokonto

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Has the trader registered for a Real Money account, it can also free demo version to use. The broker has – as part of the demo account – the same services, features and tools, which can be found on the real platform. The trader also available 10,000 euros to “play money” where the capital is replenished well researched IQ Option review on virtual money if the trader has lost his balance available. The demo account is especially interesting for beginners because the inexperienced traders can become familiar with the matter for the first time and also have the opportunity to get to know Software, But use and experienced traders – following the eToro experience – the demo version: Finally experienced traders can try out new strategies again and again without having to pay greater a risk. The demo account is free and available to traders and unlimited disposal. While other brokers (or longer) after a period of 30 days cancel the demo version, eToro traders have plenty of time to familiarize yourself with new strategies.


etoro-3The application provides no challenge is the broker offers a relatively straightforward registration. in the end, it is sufficient if the trader has a Facebook account. As part of the registration, it is possible that the credentials of Facebook acquired are. It takes at the end ofa few minutes , until the trader has opened an account. The minimum deposit of 200 euros was then paid, the trader can already use the platform. However, the customer has to be verified in advance. For this he has to transfer, so on the one hand the identity, on the other hand, the accuracy of the address is confirmed, a copy of a photo ID and a recent utility or phone bill. Only when aVerification has taken place, and withdrawals can be requested.

Financial warns investors against Bitcoin

The digital currency Bitcoin breaks one record after another. Since the introduction of cryptocurrency the price of the “digital coin” to astronomical levels is shot – but is also subject to enormous fluctuations. All information about Bitcoin in the news ticker of FOCUS Online.

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Financial warns investors against Bitcoin

Saturday, December 23, 2:57:Faced with fierce price swings in Bitcoin now warns the German financial supervision before digital currency. “This is highly speculative operations is Bitcoin Code working in 2018 with the possibility of a total loss,” the president of the supervisory authority BaFin, Felix Hufeld said the “Bild” newspaper. It will “give excesses that produce bitter losers” would. Therefore Hufeld advises extreme caution. An investor should know “that he can lose his money at worst.” The head of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) announced that his agency would “closely on the ball”, but also spoke of a huge learning task. “We are all going to understand this area first, and build up know-how.”

Two major US stock exchanges have now launched futures contracts on the Bitcoin – so that cryptocurrency has arrived in the traditional financial world. Since the beginning of the Bitcoin, which is traded on platforms on the Internet, massively increased in value: approximately $ 1,000 to approximately 20,000 US dollars to just before Christmassuddenly crashing dollar 12,000 towards. The higher the price rose, the louder were warning voices from politicians and central banks. In recent days, politicians and economists the one and only review site have called for a regulation of Bitcoin.


Just recently, Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann had criticized the Bitcoin violently. “It’s speculative, you can lose money with it,” said Weidmann had on Monday evening in Frankfurt said. To designate Bitcoin as “digital currency”, keeps Germany’s top monetary authority for misleading: “A cash was supposed to have a stable value. These properties are missing the Bitcoin. “Weidmann said, however, is strongly opposed to a regulation from a monetary policy point of view from.

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